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News Update

Kinokkonik Film has been changed to Kinokkonik Films (with "S")

Since Kinokkonik Film became a micro and small business company (UMKM) as PT. Kinokkonik Film Studio (Pte. Ltd.), now Kinokkonik has a brand name for their business in film industry as Kinokkonik Films (with “S”).


Film Production

We create feature and documentary film

Post Production

We do online and offline editing for film production

Digital Contents

We made advertisement and other digital content creations

Screen Writings

In collaboration with the team to make script for movie

2023 Official Poster of "Saat" (Short 2022)

Our Existing Films


(Short 2022)

A woman driving a car, helped by an unknown man. Time (Saat) passed quickly, and unexpected events took place.

“Saat” is a drama film with minimal dialogue (no dialogue) that tells about the life of helping, but with a sad ending. This film’s premise is that not always good things are done by people suspected of being evil, ending with a happy ending. Sometimes it is necessary to tell the audience that anything is possible. This film also shows its viewers that every goodwill and help from others, does not always make people happy. Sometimes there is a harsh reality that humans must accept when receiving kindness from others.

About The Company

Founded by Ibrahim L. Kadir in 2015 with the first name is Kinokkonik. Kinokkonik runs as well as the personal small business under the monitoring of CV. Telegram Nusantara which also founded by Ibrahim L. KadirIn 2018, Ibrahim changed the business name from Kinokkonik became Kinokkonik Creative Idea with the main business as Event Organizer and Creative Video Production. In 2019 Kinokkonik Creative Idea become Kinokkonik Film. Then in the year of 2022, officialy Kinokkonik Film has been changed from a small personal business,  became a company as PT. Kinokkonik Film Studio and with the brand “KINOKKONIK FILMS” (with “S”).

Neo Docu-Drama STYLE Short Film

The Next Project

Land of Blessings

(Short 2023)

The Story

With director Adisurya Abdy (Asabellina Film) “Land of Blessings” sets in Lamongan Regency, East Java, Indonesia. 

Land of Blessings is produced in January 2023. The Story is about cultural life of the farmers those want to thank to God, and to pray for their ancestors afterlife forgiveness from God.  


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